Drawer Architecture

The idea is to use the concept of a drawer to produce a movable, adaptable architecture. The idea is, to help the employed or visitors to get a temporary stay in wherever which is near to their job destination or travel purpose. The ‘Drawer’ structure contain slots for inhabitants to get their ‘Box house’ slotted into the Drawer, while these box houses are manufactured by factory and can be customised and comes with different size. Hence, it is inhabitable if you have the box house and available slots in the Drawer. It can be easily checked in/checked out.


A1 Sectional Collage


Collage by collages

The collage consists of up to 15 drawings of my favourite on sections, perspectives and details. In my proposition on architecture, i am very interested in things that move, mechanism, energy, and interactions which make architecture alive. This collage is to show an urban scale of how buildings can interact with machinery, people, transportation, decaying in an modern context.

Sectional Collage Drawing


Moving architecture

The collage is reinterpreted and I’ve picked up some components, shapes, lines to compose a sectional drawing. It is about a self-sustained movable pirate ship. Using plan lines as power source and ‘staircase’ as engine to power up the city ship. Using lift as the commuter between upper and lower zone, separating (buildings, pedestrians) and (commute system). Users will be travelling long distance on the underground and enjoy pedestrian walk on ground platform.

John Hejduk – Something that interest me.


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