Warming Up 2

Ideal Zone Document

Make own zone document to give to the group in the next few weeks.

  1. Have a lunch/drink together, draw her/him about the impression before and after the lunch/drink.
  2. Design a space which contains all of her/his hobbies.
  3. Make a video of things that make you happy (1 minute).


Music Video

Make a music video (3 minutes) on the theme of generation Y.

Sectional Drawing


A Ninja House. Looking at different users, what if staircase was no longer needed to access to different spaces due to high balance, flexibility and strength of human body. Just bars, ropes, trampoline as medium to get to spaces. why not? its part of the workout too.



that I least like. Frank Gehry.


that I love. Tomas Saraceno.

Thinking beyond the ground, view space in different dimension.


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