Warming Up


Draw our studio space!


A clip about a mirror + ipad on studio space.



Portray 3 ideas about modern and develop a video.


Choose 3 things from other videos to explore further as a concept of modern and research them.

Modular system

Modern is not just about the technology. This is a project where the structure is heavily responded to the natural phenomenon. Heat, air temperature act as the manipulative element and is reacted by the nature of metal work, the building actually lives. This approach/concept became adaptive to its context by assembling the modular using technology.

Sound frequency & Visual

Thousands of mini bunsen burners are created in a platform manner and to be connected to medium where sound frequency can be detected and transmitted into a form of fire. The energy of soundwaves are  2 dimensionally constructed where they will be converted into sound, music or voice. With 2D Ruben’ Tube, visuals of sound can be captured as the 3rd dimension, depending on the sound frequency, which is, super kool.

A sustainable Afterlife

It is a modern way to deal with own death, the story of human life ends with a new life of a tree.


Exhibition and Structure that I would love to visit in London.

2 Videos to share:

Rain Room

The experience of a space that unusually wrong and surreal, in the middle of a raining context, however inhabitants will not be soaked. I find this video is somehow related to the virtual realm as you can see what is happening, yet you can’t feel the context perceived by own eyes.

Virtual yet solid

From one space to another space, one’s activity can interfere the activity on another space.

2 Articles to share:

This article made me question what defines modern, again. Do we consider a person to be modern by their culture behavior, costume, or their act? The definition of modern events, varies from people who came from different background, exposure level, age group and social behavior. ‘Modern’ can be grouped as an adjective, similar to ‘Beautiful’, its subjective. This is modern to you, might not to me, not everyone. A casual supermarket might mean something common to us, but it could be modern to her. For people who use non touchscreen handphone first contact with iphone, wow sleek and modern, for people who never use handphone before, iphone is beyond modern, is unreachable. Thus, it really depends on what we have, and what we ought to achieve.

The potential of VR, article A article & B.


Admired Architect


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